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January 19th, 2022

You've heard the term good indoor air quality. But, do you know what that means? Good indoor air quality means that you're able to control the contaminants in your air. You have a comfortable temperature and humidity level as well. You also will have enough functional ventilation in a specified indoor area.

The Importance of Good Air Quality in the Workplace

When it comes to your office, good indoor air quality is vital. It can ensure your employees stay healthy and breathe easier....

January 6th, 2022

Most homeowners have a programmable or smart thermostat. This handles setting the temperature for your home. You're familiar with the functions of your thermostat. If it starts to blink at you, this may lead to some alarm. Knowing why this is happening and what to do is vital to make sure that your HVAC system stays working.

Do You Have Low Battery Power?

It's crucial to note that your thermostat will blink for a couple of different reasons. The most common is that...

December 23rd, 2021

The holiday season is upon us, and it is the most wonderful time of the year. Did you know that we see an increase in air pollution in our homes this time of year? This air pollution can increase the risk of respiratory infections. It can also lead to allergies, headaches, and even lung cancer. You can do some things to help reduce the air pollution in your home this holiday season.

Get A Real Christmas Tree

When you get an artificial tree, they use  plastic. Every...

December 14th, 2021

During the winter months, your utility bill will be higher, and you will want to do all that you can to lower that bill. The colder the area that you live in, the higher your bill will be. There are ways that you can lower your winter heating bill.

Routine Furnace Maintenance

Routine furnace maintenance can help keep your furnace working at top efficiency. When a furnace is not working at top efficiency, it calls for more energy. This pulls from the system, which...

November 18th, 2021

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time of year where you and your family can share valuable time together indoors. With many people being together inside, it's a great idea to do your part in enhancing your indoor air quality. This will keep family members' allergy symptoms at a minimum and ensure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Replace Your Dirty Air Filters

Your HVAC system has at least one air filter that is responsible for removing harmful allergens and pollutants from the air...

November 8th, 2021

The outdoor unit for your HVAC system is constructed to take quite a beating. However, snow and ice during the winter season can wreak havoc on the internal components of your unit. To help preserve the longevity of your HVAC system, it's best to utilize the three tips that we're going to go over below.

Keep Your Air Intake Vent Clear

Your HVAC system constantly needs fresh air from the outdoors to function correctly. This air enters your HVAC system through the air intake vent....

October 26th, 2021

As the colder weather makes its way back into our lives, you'll likely notice a change in your home's humidity level. While you'll be able to see the change on your thermostat with built-in humidity control, you'll likely notice the change first as itchy and dry skin. It's a fact that the humidity levels get lower in the winter months. Maintaining adequate indoor humidity is imperative to your comfort inside during the winter season.

Ventilate Your Attic And Garage

Two areas of...